The Atomic Nurses


Stina Suntland (vocals)

Zasu Menil (vocals)

Christian Dörge (synthesizers, piano, guitars, programming.)




aktiv: 2006 - 2010


(Genre: Documenta Pop, Electro)


Inspired to write song-material designed to put the full scope on the chameleonic, bewitching twin voices of Zasu Menil and Stina Suntland (who joined SYRIA since 2005), Christian Dörge created THE ATOMIC NURSES back in 2006 - a band named after a SYRIA track, likely to flourish their art-pop dimensions. But THE ATOMIC NURSES were also simply, delightfully, pop. The NURSES have variously described their sound and style as "documenta pop" and "urban crack-up". Their debut-single 'Short Syntax' and -album 'Pyjamadrama' - both released in October 2007 through Smart Bomb-Records, written and produced by Christian Dörge - joined the dots between SYRIA and a more female sense of humour and intellect, while cold and cut-glass vocals and ghost in the machine ambience were glowing through a spacious production unafraid of dark tones and melancholy trip-hop (with very present bass-lines). The follow-up-single 'Suicide Girls' and -album 'The Unseen Ladies On Monitor 7' - released in September 2008 through Smart Bomb-Records and again written and produced by Christian Dörge - jingled and sighed like a patchouli-scented JEFFERSON AIRPLANE, with future-fear and apocalyptic central themes dominating the songs. THE ATOMIC NURSES split in 2010, and publishing rights were transferred to Black October-Records. In April 2010, Black October-Records released the NURSES' legacy and retrospective collection 'Lost In The Supermarket 2006 - 2010' (as a double-album set) with four new and un-released songs included - a firework display full of colourful contrasts, vivid narratives and slightly bizarre characters.

Out of print:


Doppel-Album-CD (inkl. 6stg. Leporello-Booklet).

(Black October-Records)

VÖ (Digital): 2014.

VÖ (Physikalisch): 2010.

Stina and Zasu, 2006

Stina and Zasu, 2007

Stina and Zasu, 2007

Stina                                                                                     Zasu

                                          Christian Dörge